James Moon

We are so very pleased to announce the birth of our son, James Moon!

After a most picturesque home birth (complete with smiling mom laboring in the playpool on the back patio), we met our little man at 3:47pm on June 3rd. Weighing in at 8 lbs 4 oz, and measuring 21 inches, Baby James is a strong and healthy boy! And so serene. He just sleeps and eats… 🙂

Though Jesse (now 17 months old) is having to learn to share the attention, our first week as a family of four has gone very well! Jesse has discovered that kissing James on the head makes everyone happy, so he does that a lot (right after jumping on him). And every time he comes in from outside he likes to check in on the baby, whom he affectionately calls “dada” (Jesse’s word for “family”). We’re looking forward to watching these boys grow up so close together.

As the family watchdog, Benny has quietly accepted the new responsibility of another assignment. Mostly, he’s just happy we moved out of the skyrise and into a house with a yard! Now he acts as squirrel-chaser and possum-tumbler as well as barking-doorbell and service-animal. He’s always finding ways to be useful!

We are happy as can be and Mark and I feel extremely fortunate to have found each other and created a healthy family. What fun!

Sending our love to all of you!

emily, mark, jesse, james and benny